Enterprise Innovation Challenge

Do you have a project or product relevant to the digital transformation of Vodafone enterprise customers, in the areas of Cyber Security, IoT or AI?
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‎03/07/2018 23:10
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Detalhes do desafio:

Vodafone is looking for proposals for the creation of services capable of integrating Vodafone's portfolio of products, based on three themes:

Cyber Security

Products or solutions that optimize the security of Vodafone systems and/or enterprise customers.

Solutions for personal data privacy, security in IoT, Blockchain, identification of individuals using biometric or other data.

IoT - Internet of Things

Look for possible intelligent solutions capable of being contextualized in the routines or activities of companies.

Buildings, vehicles, goods and people, in terms of efficiency, safety, surveillance, as well as in the management of teams (training, among others).

AI - Artificial Intelligence

Software solutions with the capacity to develop and learn independently.

ChatBots for customer service providers, virtual assistants, among others.

 €10.000   €10.000

Up to 2 projects will be selected. Each selected project will receive € 10,000 investment and will be developed and tested in the Vodafone Power Lab incubator in Lisbon, Porto or Coimbra for a period between 6 to 12 months, and later launched by Vodafone to its clients.

The regulation can be viewed here.